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Wendy Videlock


author of the chapbook,

What’s That Supposed to Mean (2010) and the full-length collections:

The Dark Gnu and Other Poems (2013) and Nevertheless (2011).


A regular contributor to Poetry, and other literary journals, Wendy is a recipient of the Mark Fischer Poetry Prize, and lives with her husband and children in western Colorado.

3 by Wendy Videlock



If I should answer with a patch of aspen


it is not because I am an aspen.
If I should speak of sleep,
or smoke,
or consecrated weather,
it is not for lack of flesh
and matter. You who are stone,
or cottage, or grove
or given to the mother tongue
needn’t name yourselves.
We know who you are.

(first appeared in Kin)


Sprig of Thyme



and floating llama

what is dream


and what is drama

son of god

and gaia’s daughter


what is stone

and what is water

sprig of time


and fallen aster

what is myth

and what is matter


here upon

a child’s laughter

mother moon


and tail of tyger

twisted rope

and maddest hatter


cosmic egg

and holy splatter

looming form


and spiraled clatter

gate of horn

and pitter patter.

(First appeared in Angle)



In the Hand Mirror


In the hand-mirror

of all thing

being relative


to fall, and spring,

things dim,


sky high, or medium,

is the little crease

which lies between



and disappearing,



and exalted meaning,


buying into,


and believing.

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