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Hello out there—


Autumn is here, not almost here, but here in force, whole hillsides, whole valleys turning gold, reminding us that evrything changes, that nothing is forever. Good thing too. Stubborn right-wing poiticians have resurrected another zombie bill to strip millions of our neediest neighbors of health care. Wealth care, not health care seems to be the new order of the day in Washington. Luckily, here in the Rockies, autumn's breathless beauty is the new order of the day.


We are still asking ourselves if poetry can be an act of resistance? We hope so. We'll find out. As the world careens downhill, there are no ivory towers left, maybe there never were any.


Like you, perhaps, we are looking beyond the next poem, the next book, the next beautiful sunset, toward new elections and a new start—a big order. Poets have a part to play, a job to do. And the words to do it.


Thanks for visiting. Stay in touch and be well—

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