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A book is a book is a book, right? Not always. We grew up with marks on paper, called them books, loved them and still do. But it's a new world today. Not always, alas, a brave new world. But books now can be long strings of all but invisible ones and zeros, digital books, in a variety of forms and formats.


We confess, like so many of you, we love turning real pages, the heft and feel and flavor of a well-crafted book. But we've learned that digital books can be well-crafted too, and save a lot of trees. And when it comes to sharing writing that we care about, digital books have a stunning advantage: they don't cost much, sometimes nothing at all,  to produce and distribute, to share. That's why we're here. And that's why is about to experiment with a whole new category of poetry offerings. Broadsides and Chapbooks, in the form of eBroadsides and eChapbooks, that you can download, free, and enjoy on your computer, your laptop, your iPad or tablet, and even, if your eyes are young and very good, on your smart phone—although we don't recommend that option. Words need to breathe, pages need space, and tiny iPhone screens are never our choice for serious reading.


So take a look. Click, or double-click, on the "covers,"  the images to the left, to download the broadsides or chapbooks that take your fancy—we hope to add many more. On some computers, or "devices" you may need to "right-click" and select the download-linked-file option. But we are confident that you can figure out how this page works, and hopeful that you'll enjoy this next way of sharing small poetry publications.


Colorado poet and Sage Green contributor, David Feela. recently sent us a brilliant and devilishly funny little eBook of what he calls flash fiction, minimalist pieces that aren't exactly prose poems, but aren't exactly lacking in poetry either. You can download The Two of Us via its "cover" near the top of this page. You'll enjoy it.


Although we began with a few eChapbooks by the editors, Art and Lito. We are still eager to see what kind of ePublications our regular contributors can come up with. We keep looking for new ways to share poetry. . . . and new feedback. Tell us what you think. is a non-commercial project, an online anthology, to share a poetic vision of the land we love.

We have no permanent office although we do have deep roots in Colorado.

You can write us at Box 160 Norwood CO 81423, or better yet, email us, by clicking

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