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The Fine Print

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Why Sage Green Journal?


It would be tempting to say: For the hell of it! But we won't. There is more to it than that. This web site, this on-line journal, or magazine—call it what you will—has a mission: sharing, sharing what we do, what we love, what we want to read, and want our friends to read. All our friends, whether we know them or not, whether we know you or not.


Sage Green Journal is the brainchild of Art Goodtimes and Lito Tejada-Flores. We go way back, moving to Telluride, Colorado, before it was Telluride, Hollywood! helping to start Sheep Mountain Alliance, San Miguel County's home-grown, grass-roots environmental activist posse, always exchanging poems, sometimes across continents, between hemispheres, always celebrating the land, always looking west, and looking at the West, right here, under our feet.


We like the idea of subverting the publishing paradigm. Spreading the word, without cutting down too many trees, or spending very much cash. We still have hopes for something like digital democracy despite Edward Snowden's revelations about the surveillance state, and we think that poetry and art can, and must, do wonders to keep the West—and the rest of the world—sage green and wild.


Thanks for joining us.

Art & Lito is a non-commercial project, an online anthology, to share a poetic vision of the land we love.

We have no permanent office although we do have deep roots in Colorado.

You can write us at Box 160 Norwood CO 81423, or better yet, email us, by clicking

or, if you use a webmail system, write to hello (at)