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The Fine Print



Sage Green Journal is looking to publish work that somehow connects with our own passions for land and landscape. For the most part, we contact poets we know and admire, and solicit their contributions. We don't want to slam the door on spontaneous contributions, sent to our email address, but we have decided that it isn't really fair to encourage contributions from all and sundry. Like so many people these days we seem to be impossibly busy, not just with SageGreenJournal but with the rest of life. It  is often tough to find time to review submissions carefully, and we are very picky.

But if you want to take a chance on sending us something to publish, email us using the email link or address at the bottom of every page. Sure we are looking for poetry, but we would consider drawings, sketches, and photos too.


What we offer—not cash

Sage Green Journal is an experiment. An experiment in sharing poetic visions of the West (where we live) and the planet (where we all live). We don't pay for submissions of any sort, but heck, we don't pay ourselves either, nor do we hope to ever make a dime with this on-line journal. We do, however, try to showcase the work  we admire — writings,  drawings,  photos — in a way that does justice to it. And invites other, hopefully like-minded people, to enjoy it.



Needless to say — but we are saying it anyway — we will never give or sell your email address to anyone. We trust you will send us your own original work, not someone else's, or at the very least your own original discoveries that you think worth sharing.



All work appearing in Sage Green Journal is copyright by the author. We neither claim not keep any rights whatever. Your submission simply grants us the right to reproduce your work on-line, on the pages of Sage Green Journal. Nothing else. Nothing more. If we have a long enough run that we decide to publish a separate collection of work submitted to Sage Green Journal, we will ask you for permission to include your contribution.



Thanks for your interest in Sage Green Journal.

Art & Lito is a non-commercial project, an online anthology, to share a poetic vision of the land we love.

We have no permanent office although we do have deep roots in Colorado.

You can write us at Box 160 Norwood CO 81423, or better yet, email us, by clicking

or, if you use a webmail system, write to hello (at)