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Mary de La  Valette



Mary de La Valette is a poet, writer and activist , retired in the backwoods of New Brunswick in Canada where she roams the forest with her dog, Esprit  and in the evening sits outside and listens to Nature.   A life frequently interrupted by fighting fracking, glyphosate spraying and crimes against other species, Nature and the Earth.

two poems by Mary de La Valette

Gaia Redux


The old myths

Are all dead.

From Mount Olympus to the Ajanta caves.

Knights slaying dragons,



All dead.


In a blanket

Of screens, iphones, computers

Self absorption and greed.


And, what  remains

After all has been vanquished?




A planet of miracles

Lush green forests,

Wild rushing rivers

And blue oceans filled with Life.

Of wolves and bears

And elephants and lions,

Owls and hummingbirds,

Bees and butterflies,

Whales and dolphins.

Where else in the Universe

Is there such a paradise?



Is our Goddess.

Our country.

A vision

Worth fighting for,

Worth dying for,

Worth loving.


Worth saving.



. . . . July, 2017



A Pilgrim's Progress


I  do not have to go

To Sacred Places

In far-off lands.

The ground I stand on

Is holy


Here in this little garden

I tend

My pilgrimage ends.

The wild honeybees

The hummingbird moths

The flickering fireflies at dusk

Are a microcosm

Of the Universe.

Each seed that grows

Each spade of soil

Is full of miracles.


And I toil and sweat

And watch and wonder

And am full of love.

Living in this place.

For truth and beauty

Dwell here.



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