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L. Luis Lopez

Grand Junction, Colorado


Luis is a professor emeritus from Colorado Mesa University where he taught English, Latin, Ancient Greek, Mythology, and was Director of the Academic Honors Program.  He is a poet and now retired publisher.  He has five books of poetry to his credit.  Each Month I Sing won the American Book Award and the CIPA  award for best in poetry in 2008.  His Ph.D. is in Medeival English Literature.  Luis and his wife Maggie presently live in Grand Junction Colorado.

Gusto by Luis Lopez


I love to hear Enrique laugh and laugh because all the

neighbors can hear him!


I told Sara his wife, "Enrique laughs con tanto gusto."

she said, "You mean with great gusto like in 'gust of wind'."


"No," I said, "con tanto gusto like in goose."


And she said, "No, like gust of wind," because he was laughing

in English at Red Skelton.  If he was laughing at Cantinflas, then


you could say con tanto gusto like in goose.  He's laughing in

English, not in Spanish.  So now when I hear Enrique laugh,


I remember how Sara corrected me and I don't like to hear

Enrique laugh no more.



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