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The Real Poetry



           or any other


            whether you

            read it,

            hear it,

            or both

Is at best

            a taste

            or signpost

            to the real


            which cannot be held

            within a structure

            of words.

The real poetry

            feeds the heart,

            sings in the mind,

            and like the energy



           each atom,

            like the Tao

            is simultaneously alive

            in all things,

But is most


            to us

            in nature,

            in love,

            and in the way

            we live,

In how

           we embody

            its rhythm,


            and trueness,

            its synchronicity

            with the universe.


And the deepest art

            that we can practice:

            learning how to be

            living poetry. is a non-commercial project, an online anthology, to share a poetic vision of the land we love.

We have no permanent office although we do have deep roots in Colorado.

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