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Dennis Fritzinger

Northern California's Bay Area


Dennis Fritzßœinger lives in the Northern California, Bay Area Bioregion where he edits the poetry page, Armed With Visions, for the Earth First! Journal. He’s been published in Earth First!, Wild Earth, and the City Lights Anthology, and has written and produced a play for children, "Mouldilocks and the 3 Bears." He likes to draw cartoons in his spare time.

two poems by

Dennis Fritzinger

born again


we lay the nut
of the world
on the flat rock
of the mind
and hit it with
the rock of language
to break it open
and get at the meat inside.
this is the human way
our way
and has been so
for a very long time
perhaps even
ever since we were human
perhaps not
at this late date, who knows?
and yet the world
and yet the world
refuses to stay shattered
each morning
it is born anew
again and again
over and over.



the blue planet


i want a blueprint
i can hold in my hands
that will show me the blue planet
and its future.
i want to see
the near future,
and i hope it
won't be too bad.
then i want to see
the future after that,
a hundred or a thousand years,
really not that much.
then i want to see
millions of years ahead,
blue paper unrolling,
stars twinkling, nearly the same.
after that, a billion years;
stars dead and gone,
the night sky
completely different.
same old blue paper, though;
the writing on it incomprehensible,
yet strangely familiar.
the place still smells like home.
i want a blueprint
i can hold in my hands,
that will show me the blue planet,
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