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Autumn Noelle Hall

Green Mountain Falls, Colorado


Autumn Noelle Hall lives in a cabin in Green Mountain Falls, Colorado, with her husband, two daughters, and one rapskallion Australian Shepherd.  A Pikes Peak Arts Council nominee for Page Poet of the Year, Autumn is honored to have her work included in many fine Asian Short Form publications, both at home and abroad.  She is especially grateful to you, Readers, for bringing her words to life.

a beautiful thing


It is a beautiful thing to wake

in the dark chill of October

and go out into it

where a crescent moon

and two stars appear both ahead

and in the rear view mirror

before you even leave home

to sit on the floor with it

kneecap to kneecap

inhaling the dark clarinet

of your body

only the breath of the tires

the train’s long choo-choo

searching in the rubble of itself

your pounding throat, a bratty knee

a molecule of coffee still clinging

to the root of  your tongue

your eyelids lower now

and in front of you wrapped shoulders

of a robe folded with her empty hands

that her, that you, that teacher

with the one word lesson

Ursa Major


musket fire

the crack of all three 4x4’s

at 3 a.m.

our twelve-foot deck rail yields

to a cinnamon bear


no match

for his crescent claw’s


the shed door’s panel peels

like a Chiquita sticker


on tippy-toes

he stretches for the spruce’s

suet feeder

its chain links, Perseids

raining down on the garden


I know

the Universal Tongue:

it is hunger

the bear’s stomach speaks to mine

and I understand its growl


Buddha Bear

his great moon face rising


to offer his suet cake

to an August sky

two linked series by

Autumn Noelle Hall

Following the Gunnison


Zhuangzi’s road sign:

Icy Conditions

May Exist


Kodak 3200

its grain the same

as Cimmaron snow


the Gunnison

Ansel Adam’s Zone 5

grey-card grey


naked landscape

chaparral blushing

with the cold


reeling in the wind

ice fishermen summon

Kokanee salmon


the citrine flash

of an osprey’s eye

before she dives


that splash of blue

sky stones skipping across

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