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Quantum Aesthetics

a la Budada


-for JM


Winter's second big storm

breaks the drought grip of

our January thaw


Overnight we go from

naked evergreens & fuzzy browns

to full-on blizzard


Walking the dog

the county road's variegated

black & white tire stripes


sneak a hint of art deco

into Wright's Mesa's

rural primitivism


All around me

wind's whim shaping the sweep of

humps in monochrome


You don't have to make art

to take its measure

as it's made


Imagine Bell’s theorem

where the maker & the making

are forever entangled

Art Goodtimes

poet, politician, spud-farmer & basketweaver

Norwood, Colorado

Western Slope Poet Laureate (2011-13)

Looking South to Lone Cone (Western Eye Press, 2013)

Mycelial Mind


for Pablo & Dusty


Nothing’s sustainable about the earth

or our explosive nuclear sun

Who could stop Einstein


from making gravity bend time?

Resilience is no protection

against the terrorists of change


I get National Geo

I’ve seen the Seven Billion maps

The Nine Billion projections


What curious George

wouldn’t want to split the atom?

Spray DDT in the backyard.


Play at love & war? Test

our trust in the completely untried?

It’s in our evolutionary nature


to carry the spores

of our own demise – nature’s

mycelial fail-safe


Keeping Gaia’s core connected

whatever mass extinctions

may be spinning our way



Capt. Barefoot Broadside      Union of Street Poets

Vincent St. John Local / Colorado Plateau / Aztlán

 Kuksu Brigade (Ret.) / San Francisco



Feb 1, 2014


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