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Kit Hedman

Denver Colorado


Photographer & poet





Everyone Has It


I see It in the streets, and in a field of hay,

on the bus, It comes and goes like the weather

always there ready to play or have a bad day,

It's very personal, It's on the movie screen

Eskimo, African, Highlander, beggar and queen

we all have It from brains to bones, and in between,

It sweeps the earth, and they say It'll never rust,

sings baritone, hops like a toad with angel wings

It's in the heart of genius and the idiot in all of us.


It makes you want to dance, offers you a bonus

if you'll give It a second chance, colors the room,

yourself, the way you comb your hair, leaves

you alone to study It, and lives on after you die,

It writes the best song, and every greeting card

It'll have you wishing it on a star, keeping It secret,

It'll eat your lunch, defy all those cynical sneers

if you don't admit to yourself, It still appears

don't run from It or hide, It has your number,

It's in your private dreams, It can't be denied

order It to go away, It'll settle in for a long stay

and hug It too tight, then It'll be gone before midnight

treat It with care and respect, It'll sit beside you

to serve and protect, short or tall, blind, beatific

bold or giddy and shy, we all have a shot at It

every day, until the day we die, so carry your heart

in the receptive and open mode, get on the highway

and off the road, send out the hounds and race

to the edge, fall out of bounds, pick yourself up.


Cry like a silly clown, stand proud and naked

while they hand you a royal crown, your holy search

is the wisdom to celebrate It, so turn It on,

give It everything, It takes nothing to destroy It,

It's inside you by the ton, be kind and overly generous,

keep It present in your life with a single-mindedness

don't edit It with thought, just put the coin in the slot,

It's everything thing you wanted, It's nothing you're not.


It powered Shakespeare's words and Noah's ark

It has its own schedule, It appears in the dark,

It lights up your day, sings in harmony with your heart,

It forgets your complaints, plays piano and games

Its so damn smart, we all need It, no matter our name,

It's always near, we get bent out of shape, It fades away

just be sure to feed it every day, no matter your splendid

nightmare or raging depression, use It as your passport

bear It as your first impression, your true wealth

and your real self-expression, live It to be in action

share It with exploring toddlers, neighbors and bees

imagine It's a snowflake, bigger than a redwood tree

write a book about It, paint It on the ceiling over your bed

breathe It in and out, remember It's not just in your head.


It's traveled everywhere you've ever been,

It's postcards tied to a cloud, written as wishes

appearing as heart-shaped pebbles, fragrant dishes,

It needs you, and It's precisely what you need,

so don't forget while there's beauty in the rose

weed, mushroom, seed, and all that glows,

It's behind seven billion masks, all that It asks

is be It, do It, right now, and forever, It's time,

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