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Three by Rosita Bigsky

Countdown to Equinox



W E   T I L T   N O W. The sun slides off the

mountain shelf and crawls home on

dusty knees toward the tawny hillside

where our no longer adolescent summer dumps

her wilting cargo & slumps

upon the valley floor as if into a lawn chair shoes off carefree.

Bees work the asters . Bears rake the plum .

Under the burdened ash ripe with red

berries Edna's fire bush blushes pink.



I  L I V E  inside a golden bubble

for an hour in late summer

when the low glowing morning light

glitters the walls of my cabinet

as the geese modulate lakeside

no longer sleepy silent silhouettes

but awake breaking the glass top

of water suddenly with wild wings

shoveling water water everywhere

rumps and toes in the autumn air

aloft with the sun splashing daylight

into rainbows in my little room.



W H A T  we raised i bury now

whacking summer's wilting purtenance

into a cold heap

deconstructing Helen's paradise

i want to kiss the callused peas before they sleep.

What we planted and what grew endures

in soft memories as back to dirt i shake and shovel

UDavid's crude sweep

my grave hands yanking wasted vines and limbs.

Whatever we have borne and loved

we cannot keep.


    Big Arm, Montana 2003 & 2005


Rosita Bigsky

Portland , Oregon


Rosita Bigsky is the nom de plume used by northwest poet Nancy Starbuck  during her long sojourn on the shores of Montana's Flathead Lake.  Her first book of poems is now in preparation by Western Eye Press in Colorado.


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