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Time to fly south

           Sangre de Cristos, San Luis Valley, Colorado

Hello out there—


It's a new year. Not exactly a brave new year, but it will do. We have no choice. We have to do better. And maybe we will.


Meanwhile, it's time to try out a few new ideas here on  SageGreenJournal. Sure we're a poetry journal—mostly—but from the beginning we wanted to be a bit more free-form, leaving room for other kinds of writing, for photos, and drawings, and art work of all sorts. Recently we have fallen in love with some fine, intensely personal  long-form prose pieces, call them essays. The first one we want to share is Warm Coastal Waters by Peter Shelton, a tightly and richly woven family history. A beautiful story beautifully told. Just click on the new ESSAYS link on any page


Thanks for visiting. Stay in touch and be well—

Lito Tejada-Flores

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