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atardecer en lago Chelenko

              evening on Lago Chelenko, Patagonia

Hello out there—


I am putting together this latest edition of our Sage Green Journal adventure down here in the far, far south, in Chilean Patagonia, a long way from what seems like the current chaos back "home" in the States. Far from posturing politicians ranting about fake news. Patagonia is a great getaway, but politics is everywhere. And sometimes it even works. I cling to André Malraux's dictum, "the duty of man is hope."


Our  featured poet for this edition is John Casquarelli who has embarked on an interesting cross-gnerational and cross-language collaboration with his Cuban grandfather, also a poet. I was of two minds about whether his grandfather's  Spanish needed an accompanying translation. But seemingly John didn't think so. Let's see if this works. . . . Let us know.


Thanks for visiting. Stay in touch and be well—

Lito Tejada-Flores

                 and from the other side of the world—

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